Cabral Gold is committed to responsible mineral exploration and strives to maintain the highest standards of environmental protection and community engagement throughout all of its projects. Cabral Gold commits to the sustainable delivery of shareholder value through mineral exploration and development by ensuring all of its employees and contractors embrace the following:

Health & Safety

Cabral Gold strives to provide a safe and healthy work environment by following strict safety and health standards and practices that meet or exceed industry standards and applicable government codes, standards and regulations in Brazil and Canada. Cabral Gold has built a nursing station in the village of Cuiu Cuiu and periodically sponsors doctors to provide vaccinations to all residents and house visits to those in need of treatment.


Limited access to sanitation services contribute to many diseases. There was no organized garbage collection and trash was discarded sporadically in the village of Cuiu Cuiu. Cabral Gold initiated a routine garbage collection service twice a month, created a landfill, and cleaned the streets of litter.


Cabral Gold is committed to meeting or surpassing all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, permit and license requirements, and to continuously improve its environmental performance and practices. The company embraces safe, socially and environmentally responsible and sustainable work practices during all activities. Cabral Gold conducts all work practices with due regard for the protection of the environment, including flora, fauna and sites of natural, cultural and historical significance. As an example, the Company employs man-portable drilling rigs and existing access roads at the Cuiu Cuiu project. The company assesses the potential environmental impacts of all work practices to ensure that effective controls are in place to minimize, mitigate and manage risks. 

Local Community Engagement

Cabral Gold respects and engages meaningfully with local communities at all of its projects in Brazil. The company is committed to working constructively with local communities and government agencies to ensure that exploration work is conducted in a culturally and environmentally sensitive manner. Trust, cooperation, collaboration and a deep respect for the local people, their language, livelihoods, traditions and customs, are at the heart of our approach to exploration and development. Cabral Gold respects the cultures and customs of the places in which it operates without compromising consistent ethical standards and is committed to supporting and participating in local community festivals which are important for passing on tradition to future generations and socializing in the community.

Employment, education & training

Cabral Gold makes every effort to hire and train local laborers and support staff as well as establishing constructive local partnerships and to have communities benefit both socially and economically from its activities. Our exploration camp is built and staffed by local people, and the company supports the community of Cuiu Cuiu by buying local produce and related services. In addition, Cabral Gold also supports the local academic community. Cabral Gold completely renovated the village’s Elementary School in 2018 and has and continues to provide books and other learning materials.