At Cabral, we believe that the community makes our business. We have been welcomed into the community. We are a part of Cuiú Cuiú.


The community of Cuiú Cuiú is approximately 400 men, women and children. Once an active garimpeiro (alluvial miner) town, now hosts a small but happy community. The town has a serviceable airstrip and has dirt road access to Central Brazil’s main paved highway.


We are committed to building strong relationships to help us understand our respective priorities and perspectives and ultimately create lasting mutual benefits. Cabral is committed to supporting an inclusive and diverse workplace that recognizes and values diversity. Engagement with our stakeholders — from local communities to investors and customers — helps to enhance our mutual understanding of interests, concerns, aspirations, and helps to strengthen relationships throughout the mining life cycle.


The town of Cuiú Cuiú has one school to teach all of the community children. We were deeply touched and grateful to have been able to help build a new roof and restore the school building infrastructure and interior.